Collection: Bulgarian Handicrafts

Bulgarian handicrafts are deeply rooted in the country's culture and history. These crafts hold significance for both the local population and tourism.

Traditional crafts, such as weaving, play a crucial role, with unique techniques employed to create fabrics for domestic use.

  • Pottery: An ancient craft, creating various clay objects like bowls, vases, and plates, is one of Bulgaria's oldest traditional crafts.
  • Duduk: A wooden flute used by Bulgarian shepherds.
  • Carving: An art form found in regions like Rhodope, Bulgaria, characterized by intricate wood carving.
  • Carpets: These hand-woven carpets hold historical significance and artistic value. They are highly appreciated, even by the British royal family, with pieces woven for dignitaries like Prime Minister Tony Blair. Traditional Bulgarian carpets often feature intricate patterns, such as the geometric "Kanatitsa" symbols, and vibrant colors.